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A Cumbrian Lad
Barry Coulton
About the Book
A Cumbrian Lad takes you on a journey that began in a
small West Cumberland village at a time when television
was still to replace the simple childhood pastimes of
Cannon and Jack Shine Yer Light. It describes the craft
apprenticeship of Barry Coulton at the Sellafield nuclear
reprocessing plant, his experiences at the Murray Firth
Outward Bound Sea School and his pilot training with the
Whitehaven Squadron of the Air Training Corps.

At the age of 24 Barry gave up an aspiring management
career to venture into the wilds of Central Africa where his
professional life as a control systems engineer took on new
dimensions and his astounding adventures began in

Along the way he has described unusual events in his life:
the inside story of the Windscale incident, the frightening
truth of the Cuban missile crisis, the heroic untold story of
a bomb disposal team at Royal Air Force Kinloss, the
sadness of the Mufulira mine disaster, the horrors of the
explosion at the Kafironda explosives factory and the real
story behind the Russian Putsch. All of his incredible
insider-revelations give a new perspective on events that
have shaped or profoundly changed the lives of many
people in recent history.

Barry has never ceased to pursue new interests, and even
on reaching retirement he took up new challenges as a
crew-member on the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race
and as a pirate in Disney's film trilogy Pirates of the
Caribbean. He has described his adventures on both the
Bristol Clipper and the Black Pearl in exciting detail.