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A Cumbrian Lad
Barry Coulton
About the Author
Barry Coulton was educated in a small village school
in West Cumberland. He served a craft apprenticeship
at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant and was
awarded a flying scholarship while training with the
Whitehaven Squadron of the Air Training Corps. At
the age of 24, he gave up an aspiring management
career with the UK Atomic Energy Authority and
ventured into the wilds of Africa.

Barry has worked on copper mines in Central Africa,
gas seperation plants in Siberia, sugar factories in
South America and oil refineries in Malaysia. He has
installed and commissioned control systems on more
than 160 industrial plants in 46 different countries.
He aspired to own engineering companies in Zambia,
South Africa, Russia and England.

At the time of writing this book Barry Coulton was
working as a Black Pearl Pirate in the Disney film
trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean.