Barry Coulton, A Cumbrian Lad
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About the Book, A Cumbrian Lad
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Description of Chapters 1-9, A Cumbrian Lad
Description of Chapters 10-18, A Cumbrian Lad
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A Cumbrian Lad, Giza Plateau before the Yom Kippur War
A Cumbrian Lad
Barry Coulton
Chapters 10-18
Chapter 10 One of the White Tribe
Managing Honeywell control system projects in South Africa
Net Blankes!

Chapter 11 Coulton Industrial
Working in war-torn Mozambique and South West Africa
Carry a second passport!

Chapter 12 Robert Mark Brett
A new addition to our small family
Proud to be chosen!

Chapter 13 Flying my Dream
Bush pilot, aerobatic pilot and then commercial pilot
Which side is up!

Chapter 14 Home to Blighty
At the cutting edge of technology with Rosemount
Diogenes has the solution!

Chapter 15 European Job English Salary
Working with some of the best engineers in Europe
Old frustrations re-emerge!

Chapter 16 Three New Relationships
Palmstiernas, Fuji Electric and McWatters
Top hats not allowed!

Chapter 17 Fall of the Russian Empire
Insider's view of those momentous years from 1988 to 1993
Perestroika Mafia Style!

Chapter 18 A Russian Misadventure
Starting one of the first joint stock companies in new Russia
Safer to stay at home!