Barry Coulton, A Cumbrian Lad
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A Cumbrian Lad, Distington Junior School 1953
A Cumbrian Lad, Whitehaven ATC at Kinloss in 1961
A Cumbrian Lad
Barry Coulton
Chapters 1-9
Chapter 1 The Early Years
Growing up in Cumberland after the war
Like father like son!

Chapter 2 A Good Old-Fashioned Apprenticeship
Training to be a skilled instrument mechanic at Sellafield
So many people to thank!

Chapter 3 Wear the Queen's Uniform with Pride
Eight years of tremendous excitement in the Air Training Corps
Venture adventure!

Chapter 4 Reaching For the Sky
Earning my pilots wings through a Royal Air Force Scholarship
A schoolboy's dream!

Chapter 5 I'm the Gaffer
Leading a skilled team at the Sellafield Atomic Energy Plant
Still a lot to learn!

Chapter 6 Africa Here We Come
The cradle of mankind, primitive and unforgiving
The silence of the bush is deafening!

Chapter 7 Broken Hill, Zambia
Working a lead and zinc mine that is as old as the country is new
Beware mambas!

Chapter 8 Living on Half a Loaf of Bread
Starting my first company and it's on the Congo border
Where is that silver teaspoon!

Chapter 9 A Tough and Dangerous Year
Working a 7-day week after the Mufulira mine disaster
I hope the lights don't go out!