Barry Coulton, A Cumbrian Lad
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 A Cumbrian Lad, 50 Year Victory Parade in Moscow
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A Cumbrian Lad
Barry Coulton
Chapters 19-26
Chapter 19 Coulton Instrumentation
The last of my six companies and the most successful
Targeted by one of the big boys!

Chapter 20 White Man's Grave
Mayan civilizations, coral reefs and a little work in Belize
Fer-de-lance, ugh!

Chapter 21 Kenyan Sugar, Not so Sweet
Returning to a very different Kenya 28 years on
Death and unprecedented corruption!

Chapter 22 A New Pair of Hands
Training a new manager for my succession
The market goes belly-up!

Chapter 23 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race
Racing the Atlantic and following in the footsteps of Darwin
Canal, what canal!

Chapter 24 Looking for Paradise
Choosing a country and finding the perfect retirement home
Retirement is hard work!

Chapter 25 New Horizons to Discover
My feet are itching and I have a terrible case of islanditus
Where to next!

Chapter 26 A Pirates Life for Me
Shiver me timbers lad, it's the real thing, beard and all
A Black Pearl Pirate!